It's been fun Jimmy...

So last night the news came the long time Phillies shortstop was traded the the Dodgers. to be honest, I had a feeling it was coming, and last night I had to dig though my archive to find the picture I shot of him at the world series parade.

World F@&#!% Champions...

I remember that week.  The day after the Phillies won the world series.  I walked into my day job, and put a vacation day request for that Friday in my boss's had and told him, "you can approve it or write me up.  Either way i, I'm still going to the parade."  I like many others that day I took the R2 septa train from Wilmington into Philadelphia at about 6:30 in the morning.  Even though it was the second stop on the line to Philly, the train was already packed.  I was lucky enough to get one of the last seats on the trail.  Little did I know I would be on the last train that would actually make it into Philly that day.

Everyone apparently had the same idea and the train was so overloaded with passengers by the time it got to the Delaware county, PA stops, it was so overloaded it just had to keep moving.  By 10AM the entire public transportation system was so overloaded, it grounded to a screeching halt.   I was suppose to meet up with my friend Dan and his Fiance, but the never made it.  I step up at 17th and market which was right at the beginning of the parade route.  when I got there at 9AM, I was able to stand by the fences set up along the streets.  By the time the parade started the crowd was so dense, I was pushed back about 4-5 deep.

After the parade passed by, the crowd spilled into the streets.  In the chaos,  I came across two daily news shooters, going through the images on their cameras.  "Did you see Jimmy?" said one.  "No I didn't see him." the other one said.

I went up to the and told them he was on the opposite side of the float, and showed them the above image.  They then said, to go to the DN office and find an editor.  I walked in to the office and told them I had an image of Rollins.  They liked it but they were only going to give me a photo credit for it.  I walked out empty handed.  So this is where the photo will stay. 

(I'll post more from that day when I get a chance to go through my archive better...)