High School Hockey...and a blast from the past....

So I didn't have any photo assignments last Friday night. To keep up with the 365 project on my facebook page, I usually go back to my photojournalism roots and shoot high school, and college sports for practice. I had a pretty good time the last time I went to the local hockey rink to shoot ice hockey and at $4 to get in, and more than one game, you can get some decent action shots.

I went there to see the Avon Grove vs St. Marks game, that ended up being a blowout. But the teams in the second game caught my eye, Oxford vs Newark. Oxford...it had to be Oxford I thought to myself. I graduated from there in '94, and I didn't leave on good terms with a lot of people there. I'll spare you the gory details, but there were a lot of misunderstandings that got blown completely out of proportion. I haven't really been back in the area since. Even though it's been 20 years have passed and the high school is now the middle school, I still was taken back when I saw that dark shade of maroon and white.

I checked of the names on the backs of the jeresey...didn't recognize and of the names. I took that as a good thing. During the game I ended up chatting with one of the parents. Apearently this is the first year they offered ice hockey as a sport. That surprised me, I thought they had had hockey for quite some time now. Even back when I went there was interest in hockey, some even though I'd make a great goalie. But the quipment was way too expensive and I'm sure the insurance was a factor as well.

I'm sure I'll shoot hockey one or two more times during the season. I have a feeling this isn't the last time I'll be shooting these kids.