Middletown July 4th Parade

Happy 4th everyone!

This morning I covered the Middletown Jaycees 4th of July Parade. as always critic and comments welcome...

Now If you excuse me I'm got a BBQ or two to attend...


Week in Photos... (Feb 16 - Feb 23)

Some candid observations via the camera phone. Which I have a feeling is on it's last legs :( . Played around in the home studio again. Also got to sit in on a really cool event that was going at the First State National Monument.

Week in Photos... (Feb 9th - Feb 15th)

About half studio work and half camera phone stuff this week. Sometimes coming up with original stuff can be a little nerve racking. Mix in a little life and it can be breaking...

Week in Photos... (Feb 2nd - Feb 7th)

This past week in photos. Did a little street photography in Newark and New Castle, a little studio work, and some chinese food wisdom.

I got all the bugs out of the facebook page, and the daily 365 photos are there now, usually around 10 or 11pm. Also figured out how to link the posts to twitter so those guys aren't left in the dark.

Horray technology!

High School Hockey...and a blast from the past....

So I didn't have any photo assignments last Friday night. To keep up with the 365 project on my facebook page, I usually go back to my photojournalism roots and shoot high school, and college sports for practice. I had a pretty good time the last time I went to the local hockey rink to shoot ice hockey and at $4 to get in, and more than one game, you can get some decent action shots.

I went there to see the Avon Grove vs St. Marks game, that ended up being a blowout. But the teams in the second game caught my eye, Oxford vs Newark. Oxford...it had to be Oxford I thought to myself. I graduated from there in '94, and I didn't leave on good terms with a lot of people there. I'll spare you the gory details, but there were a lot of misunderstandings that got blown completely out of proportion. I haven't really been back in the area since. Even though it's been 20 years have passed and the high school is now the middle school, I still was taken back when I saw that dark shade of maroon and white.

I checked of the names on the backs of the jeresey...didn't recognize and of the names. I took that as a good thing. During the game I ended up chatting with one of the parents. Apearently this is the first year they offered ice hockey as a sport. That surprised me, I thought they had had hockey for quite some time now. Even back when I went there was interest in hockey, some even though I'd make a great goalie. But the quipment was way too expensive and I'm sure the insurance was a factor as well.

I'm sure I'll shoot hockey one or two more times during the season. I have a feeling this isn't the last time I'll be shooting these kids.

Week in photos... (Jan 19 - Jan 25)

In this week's recap of the 365 project. I covered MLK day in Wilmington, was reminded of a not so pleasent aniversery, and I did some product samples as well in studio and with the cell phone camera.

I've been trying to make the daily update more publically available. I'm still playing with my facebook page to try to do the daily update there. I tried twitter earlier, but the mobile app has been finacy with file sizes. Hopefully I find a happy medium soon. Am almost a month into this project, and things seem to be going well. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit right? I've at least way past last years attempt.

I also plan to go a little indepth with one of these photos via email. I you'd like to recieve those you can click here.

As always critics and comments welcome...


Martin Luther King Jr March in Wilmington....

I had gotten word there was going to be a march for peace in Wilmington last week, organized by the Wilmington Peacekeepers.

The march ran from 4th and Rodney, along 4th st, to 3rd and Jackson St. It was peacefull and well attended. Here are a few of my favorite from the march.

As Always critics and comments welcome.


Week in photos... (Jan 12 - Jan 18)

Photo from this past week of the 365 Project. I experamented with a new profile shot. Did a little traveling. Celebrated a friend's new role, and did a little sole searching along the way.

I think next week I want to focus on people a little more. We'll see what happens...

Week in photos... (Jan 1 - Jan 11)

So with the start of the new year I decided to restart a project that crashed and burned last year, a 365 project. Last year I tried to do it with just my professional equipent. This year I included my cameraphone to the mix, to quote Chase Jarvis' bestseller, "The Best Camera Is The One That's With You."

So Starting on January 1, when I was sick as a dog with the Flu that had been rampat in Delaware. I'll be posting weekly overview here.

It's been fun Jimmy...

So last night the news came the long time Phillies shortstop was traded the the Dodgers. to be honest, I had a feeling it was coming, and last night I had to dig though my archive to find the picture I shot of him at the world series parade.

World F@&#!% Champions...

I remember that week.  The day after the Phillies won the world series.  I walked into my day job, and put a vacation day request for that Friday in my boss's had and told him, "you can approve it or write me up.  Either way i, I'm still going to the parade."  I like many others that day I took the R2 septa train from Wilmington into Philadelphia at about 6:30 in the morning.  Even though it was the second stop on the line to Philly, the train was already packed.  I was lucky enough to get one of the last seats on the trail.  Little did I know I would be on the last train that would actually make it into Philly that day.

Everyone apparently had the same idea and the train was so overloaded with passengers by the time it got to the Delaware county, PA stops, it was so overloaded it just had to keep moving.  By 10AM the entire public transportation system was so overloaded, it grounded to a screeching halt.   I was suppose to meet up with my friend Dan and his Fiance, but the never made it.  I step up at 17th and market which was right at the beginning of the parade route.  when I got there at 9AM, I was able to stand by the fences set up along the streets.  By the time the parade started the crowd was so dense, I was pushed back about 4-5 deep.

After the parade passed by, the crowd spilled into the streets.  In the chaos,  I came across two daily news shooters, going through the images on their cameras.  "Did you see Jimmy?" said one.  "No I didn't see him." the other one said.

I went up to the and told them he was on the opposite side of the float, and showed them the above image.  They then said, to go to the DN office and find an editor.  I walked in to the office and told them I had an image of Rollins.  They liked it but they were only going to give me a photo credit for it.  I walked out empty handed.  So this is where the photo will stay. 

(I'll post more from that day when I get a chance to go through my archive better...)

Jaycees Pub Putt...

It's been a while since I posted anything. Like many photographers, we bounce from one project right into the next. In a perfect world I'd be able to post a few photos and thoughts right weekly or right after the event or project was over. But by the time I get around to even thinking about a writing a blog post, usually a few weeks or months have gone by. So it's time to catch up on a few things.

Last month I was contacted by the Delaware Jaycees to cover their annual Pub Putt event in Newark, DE. I've had a long standing relationship with them, and for full disclosure, I am a member of one of their chapters. I've covered this event in past, and one year participated. Basically it's a your basic pub crawl, but each restaurant or bar has mini golf hole set up in it, and before you can move on to the next place you must play the hole. After about 3 or 4 stops...well...you can probably figure it out.

it's been fun Monte...

My world got turned upsidedown last week. I was involved in an accident. It was not my fault...I was okay...My Monte Carlo...not so much...

I bought the Monte almost 12 years ago, my car at the time was getting more expensive to maintain than a car payment.  I was making decent money at the time. Plus I really wanted to impress this girl I was interested in at the time.

I bought it, she liked it, we dated....for less than 2 months.

When I bought it it had exactly 18,002 miles on it, was probably just off a lease.  I babied it as much as I could, and up until a few years ago, except for the windshield which cracked, had every original part on it including the muffler.  A few months ago I completely rebuilt the top end of the engine.  Over 200,000 miles on it, and still purring like a kitten quiet as a mouse.

I still didn't expect it to end this way...

Currently I'm without a car, or a rental.  The fight with the insurance companies has already begun.  With the age and mileage, it's probably totaled.  I'll admit my credit is still not in great shape, no loan officer in their right mind would give me a loan and keep their job.  I'm in uncharted territory on this and not sure what will happen next.

It's been fun Monte, thanks for the travels...


Lightning Strikes...

One of my pet projects during the summertime is to catch lightning strikes. Being between the Chesapeake and the Delaware River really fires up storms on the Delmarva penninsula. I just happen to be on the of the direct storm tracks, most storms go over my house or nearby.

When it's dark out, I set up a camera at my back window and set it on a timer...